I was asked to create a giant LED videotron replacement content in the Indonesian telecom center building. In the brief, I got a request to design a visual with a concept that approached the Telkom brand as one of the Indonesian red plate digital telecommunications brands. And my client from Telkom also asked me to create visuals that can display objects like 3D protruding forward out of the Videotron LED. At first I found it difficult to interpret the sentence in visual form. But it solved after some research and development.

Based on this, I tried to process all the data related to the Telkom brand, as a result it was found that the visuals in the form of futuristic buildings and sci-fi were very suitable as visuals on the telkom videotron LEDs at the same time according to the brand
Client : Telkom Indonesia
All Role : Esa Perkasa Novesada
Year : 2020
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