Finalist International Video Mapping 1-minute Projection Japan
1minute projection mapping is an international competition and one of the biggest mapping contests displaying video works onto an existing building in Asia area. Projection mapping has been recognized as a cool and hot media art in the world. In Japan,the “1-minute Projection Mapping” started in 2012, and many great artworks from the world have been demonstrated at several art festivals. It has been a great opportunity for many people to understand and enjoy "projection mapping" in open space. We change the festiavl place to Nagasaki from 6th edition in 2018. You can see various and high quality works from all over the world, It is the the one and only projection mapping project.
Early Brainstorming & Storyboard
Mask Illustrated by Yoghi Cahyo
Animated Gifs
Rendered Animation
Official Documentation
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