Hi, call me Esa. I’m an energetic and diligent Motion Designer with an eye for pixel perfection. During my last years, I have been working with some brand in Indonesia, Japan and London combining the experience of working in several types of new media. Working on these subfields gave me the ability to solve different types of shots proposing distinct solutions. 

I reshuffled my approaches and merged all the knowledge improving my workflow and technical proficiency in Motion Design Industry. As an information-seeker, I am always eager to push my boundaries facing each project as a new challenge, opportunity to learn and self-development. 

Believing that quality is of utmost importance, my major goal is to propose creative solutions for different challenges by harnessing my multidisciplinary skill set.
- The 1st Winner of Aktivisual 4 Tahun Korupsi di Indonesia, December 2014
- The Gold Winner on PKMK Lzy Visual, National Science Competition, 28 May 2015
- The Best Experimental Motion Graphics of Ultigraph, October 2015
- The Best Bumper Motion Graphics of Ultigraph, October 2017
- The Best Experimental Motion Graphics of Ultigraph, October 2017
- 3rd of International Video Mapping Competition "Light Up Festival Romania", October 2017
- Finalis 1 Minute Japan International Video Mapping "Hana", February 2018 
Cinema 4D ( 3D stuff )
XParticles ( particle simulation )
Octane render ( GPU renderer )
Adobe after effects ( motion design )
Procreate ( concept & draft )

Unreal Engine
Adobe Illustrator 
Adobe Photoshop
Quixel Bridge

Google Sheets / Excels
Powerpoint / Keynote
Bahasa Indonesia (Native)
Javanese (Native)
English (Conversational)
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